Friday, December 13, 2019

Good Time at Goodness to Go by Smoke House Deli

Forever Mood - Indulge in yummy Smoothies!

That happy smile when a fabulous new Cafe opens in your favourite bookstore!

Yes I am talking about Crossword Bookstore. So those who know me will know my love for Cafes and most importantly the places I love to visit often. So before this new place had opened there was Moshes at Crossword Bookstore. I used to spend a lot of time with my friends and also on my own. Giving me company was books and magazines from the bookstore. So that would be my "Me Time".
When Moshes closed, I was really sad about the same.

Few days back I received a message from Crossword Bookstore informing about the new Cafe, so curious me visited the Goodness To Go by Smoke House Deli with a friend. 

I was really happy and pleased with this new Cafe, loved the service, ambience and also because their Menu involves a good range of healthy drinks and dishes. So they'l see me often :)

I love indulging in healthy Smoothies since quite some time and have shared the recipes of a few on Sav's Kitchen as well and I try to keep my diet as healthy as possible so its amazing that now I can go to a place and relax, have some "Me Time" and indulge in some healthy food and drinks.

Had this amazing Smoothie called Goodness Soul made with Mango, Banana, Apple and Spirulina

Posing with Santa and loving the festive Christmas vibes at Crossword Bookstore :) 

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