Saturday, September 21, 2019

Social Time with BFF

Indulging in Chocolate Blood Bath!

When you change your plans impromptu and it turns out to be a fabulous decision!

Mahek and Me

So this is what happened when my friend Mahek and me decided to go to Palladium Social.

We had planned to go to a different place but last minute we decided to go to Social and we had a fabulous time out there.

The food was so good as usual, ambience was so chilled out and fun and we had a great time chit chatting, listening to music and indulging heartily.

The experience of going out becomes great when you have great company and I am so glad to share this passion for eating out with my sweet friend Mahek. 

Had a great time as always when I go out with Mahek 😇

Below are the pictures of what we had at Social - 

Cottage Cheese and Capsicum Sizzler

Guys this is a must have if you love Sizzlers, one of the best Sizzler served in the city!

It had the Paneer to die for, noodles, stir fry veggies and was served along with Cheese Sauce and Mexican Salsa!


Momos Chaat

I love Momo's and this one was so delicious, it had both my favourites - Momos and Chinese Bhel!

Chocolate Blood Bath 

Insanely yummy was this Chocolate Blood Bath loaded with Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Truffle, Goey Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Mousse and White and Dark Chocolate Sauce!

Omg it was so amazing, a little heavy though that both of us couldn't finish it together!
This one will leave you drooling for sure!

Do visit Social, you will love the food!

Fabulous company and fabulous meal at a fabulous place sums up to a fabulous time 😊

Grateful and blessed 😇

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