Saturday, October 14, 2017

Tasse de Thé

Beautiful ambience, scrumptious food, great hospitality and Tea for the soul, that is how I would like to describe my experience at Tasse de Thé.

Let me share with you the details of my meal!


Artichoke with Apple & Truffle  

Watermelon Gazpacho 

Among the two soups, I really loved the Artichoke with Apple and Truffle, it was a delicious blend of Jerusalem Artichoke and Green Apple topped with Truffle Oil and Artichoke Chips. Loved the creamy texture and flavours of this soup 👌

If you like cold soup then you will definitely like Watermelon Gazpacho which was an interesting blend of Watermelon, Basil, Cucumber, Feta Cheese and Bell Pepper!


Rocket & Pear Salad - Maple glazed poached Pear with Spinach, Arugula, Red Raddish, Almond, Feta Cheese, Fig Balsamic dressing.

Blue Pea Flower infused with Quinoa served with mint vinaigrette and feta.


Broccoli Cake served with Cherry Tomato Coulis

Smoked Cottage Cheese on Sugarcane Stick with Coriander and Mint Sauce  

Filo Baked Brie with Fig Chutney & Apricot Chilly Jam  

Loved all the three starters, specially Smoked Cottage Cheese on sugarcane which is quite a new concept.


Baked Poutine - Confit potatoes with Cheddar and processed cheese, topped with Truffle Oil 

Mexican Rice with Cottage Cheese

Mexican Rice with Cottage Cheese is a dish that hit the right note with my taste buds.
Enjoyed it heartily!


Yogurt Parfait bar with Pomegranate and Dried Fruits

Chocolate Sphere filled Coconut Créme and laid on Nutella Soil 

Loved the desserts and they are definitely a must try!

And what's the highlight of this new Cafe, its their variety of Tea.
Tasse de Thé serves over 300 types of Teas in their exquisite crockery which you can also purchase from there.

Lychee Tea

So overall I had a delightful experience and if like me you too are a Tea lover and good food lover, who loves to explore new blends and flavours served in a beautiful setting, you should definitely visit this place 👌

Cheers 😊

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