Thursday, September 28, 2017

Drink More - Water!

Are you drinking enough Paani (Water) to be healthy? 

Do you know most of the time we think we are craving certain kind of food and reach out for that cola or chips or something salty or sweet but it is actually a signal by your body that you need to have some water and as soon as you do that your craving diffuses so mostly we confuse thirst for food cravings and end up leaving our body dehydrated while stuffing it with all wrong things 😅 
Apart from that drinking more water benefits in many more ways. First of all it helps in your weight loss 😃 ( I know that's music for everyones ears ) 
Drinking water helps maintain body fluids which aids digestion, provides essential nutrients and minerals and helps in blood circulation too. 
Its so good for your skin and hair too! 

So drink more Paani aka Water 😄

Be healthy stay happy 


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