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Waffilicious - Best Places For Waffles In Mumbai

Ok so I was never really a Waffle person until I visited Coffee By Di Bella....
and since then my love for Waffles has grown by leaps and bounds and to such an extent that I wanted to know where do you get the best Waffles in Mumbai which has led to this write up.

After doing a thorough research, I have shortlisted these places, some I have visited and some I still need to visit and and and you know what I gotta visit the ones due soon for the love of waffles!

So here goes the list ....

Coffee By Di Bella

Rocky Road Waffles

Ferrero Rocher

The Waffles here are to die for. Period! 

Sweetish House Mafia

Waffle Cookie Sundae

Image Credits : @foodie_woman

145 Kala Ghoda

Nutella Waffle With Churro and Ice Cream

Image Credits : @foodiessquad

Belgium Chocolate Waffles with Tiramisu Truffles

Image Credits @145kalaghoda

Red Velvet Waffles glazed with Cream Cheese frosting accompanied by Red Velvet Truffle Balls.

Image Credits : @145kalaghoda

Salted Caramel Waffles doused in Caramel Mousse with a side of Doughnut Crisps.

Image Credits : @145kalaghoda

These mind blowing Waffles are available only on weekends from 10 A.M to 6 P.M 
So you gotta wait until weekend to indulge in them. Long wait but worth it!

Pink Sugar

Red Velvet Waffles

Image Credits : @the.hungryduo

Red Velvet Waffles smothered with cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with Walnuts!

Brownie Wafflewich

Image Credits : @virajvv95
Brownie Waffle sandwiched with ice cream, sprinkled with cherries and drizzled with warm chocolate!

They have a brilliant variety and what's even better that you can create your own waffles too!


Double Chocolate Waffles served with espresso whipped cream

Image Credits : @gargurvee 

Tea Villa Cafe 

Nutella Waffles

Waffles from Tea Villa Cafe have made almost every foodie in Mumbai crazy. The sinful pictures say it all. 
They serve the most amazing variety of Waffles with all sorts of flavours, the most interesting being the Apple Pie Waffle. 
After Coffee By Di Bella, the next name that comes to mind for Waffles is Tea Villa Cafe. 
So they have many outlets in the burbs, they should consider opening one in Town soon for all townie Waffle lovers, haha!

Kit Kat Waffle loaded with Kit Kat and melted Chocolate. 

Prithvi Cafe 

Excessive Chocolate Waffle

Image Credits : @foodie_woman
Waffles topped with Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Chips, Brownie, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Ice Cream.

Chocolate Chip Waffles

Image Credits : @foodie_woman
Waffles infused with chocolate chips topped with chocolate sauce.

The Rolling Pin

Waffles with Choco Chip Base and Nutella Topping. Accompaniments - Blueberry Sauce, Chocolate Dip, Butter & Sugar

Kala Ghoda Cafe

Waffle with fruit and honey, sprinkled with granola

Image Credits : @apoorva.joshi
And who said Waffles can't be healthy?
These are made of Amaranth which is famously called Rajgira in Hindi. A powerhouse grain loaded with nutrients. As said by Apoorva, it was tasty, gluten free and very light compared to the flour version.
Would love to try this healthy Waffle!

The Nutcracker Mumbai

The Eton Mess Waffle

Image Credits : @mitali888

Belgium Waffle loaded with fresh fruit, lemon whipped cream, homemade raspberry sauce, Madagascar Vanilla Meringue Crumble & fresh mint.

The All-In Waffle 

Image Credits : @cam_coder

Belgium Waffle generously loaded with chocolate fudge sauce, ice cream, roasted almonds, pretzels & chocolate cigars!

Dinshaw's Xpress Cafe

Belgium Berry Waffles

Image Credits : Akshay Kumar
Belgium Waffle covered with Strawberries, loaded with Nutella and topped with yummy Belgium Chocolate Ice Cream

Blueberry Banana Slider

Image Credits : Akshay Kumar

Apart from these they have Waffles like Oreo Nutella & Marshmallows Desert Waffle Sandwich, Cookie Monster, Chocolate Walnut Waffle, After Eight Waffle!

A "must" visit place for all Waffle lovers!

Villa Vandre

Waffles served with seasonal fresh fruit, dulce de leche & ice cream kissed with cinnamon

Image Credits : @anukriti.j

The Belgium Waffle Co. 

Blueberry Cheesecake Waffle

Last but not the least! These are the perfect example of simplicity at its best. Wafflewich aka Waffle Sandwich are my all time fav, something you can just grab while on the move and sink your teeth in awesomeness.
P.S. They are must have for me every time I got to Inox for a movie. Have to have one of these from The Belgium Waffle Co.

Naked Nutella

So I am sure what's going on in your mind right now.... It's... Damn I wanna grab one or more of these right now!

So what you waiting for haan, go indulge in these Pancakes with Abs, aka Waffles right now ;)

And in the meantime stay tuned for the next story on yours truly Sav Food Diary :)

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Ciao for now.

Happy Eating!



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