Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cake Mixing Ceremony At ITC Grand Maratha

Good Times At ITC Grand Maratha for their Annual Cake Mixing Tradition, Followed By High Tea!

Hey lovelies I was invited for the Cake Mixing Ceremony and High Tea held at ITC Grand Maratha.

In the above pictures, you can see the Cake Mixing Ceremony taking place.

It is an age old tradition followed till date in which they lay Dry Fruits, Candies, Alcohol, etc. on a long table separately and then the mixing ceremony begins where everything is mixed in together. This mix is then preserved till Christmas for the special Christmas Rum Cake.
Its a fun event which takes place for just ten minutes. 

It is actually an internal event of the Hotel but was privileged to be a part of the ceremony and see the fun happening.

After the Cake Mixing Ceremony, there was High Tea arranged where a sumptuous spread of snacks and desserts is served. 

Below are the few pictures of the same!

Had an awesome blossom time and thoroughly enjoyed the festive ambience. Felt like it was already Christmas ;)

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