Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Scintillating Cuisine forged for a New Destiny, the Cuisine of Telangana by Chef Sankara @ ITC Maratha

India is a vast nation so rich in culture, each State has its own story to tell and has its own flavor. So here I am at Dakshin Coastal At ITC Grand Maratha to embark on the Telangana Food Festival journey with my foodie friends. Let me share with you my experience  and give you a sneak peak of the amazing food we had which tasted divine. 

There is something so sacred about regional food that however modern you maybe, you still enjoy eating the traditional food which is rich in flavours and gratifies your soul nonetheless.

But let me tell you, not everyone is successful in creating that right balance and bring you the authentic taste. But Chef Sankara scored full marks in making this happen. 
Chef Sankara is a native of the Telangana State and so is well versed with the culture and flavour of the State. He has been successful in creating the right balance of presenting the rustic magic of the Telangana food keeping in mind the spice quotient of the City people because ideally the food is supposed to be very spicy.

So warm in nature, he explained us so much about the food of the Telangana State as to why is a particular dish eaten and at what time, the reason behind it all. It was very interesting to learn about the food and the traditions of the Telangana State.

Its absolutely amazing that ITC Maratha comes up with such regional festivals which connects us to our roots.

Let me show you through these pictures, a preview of the delicious meal we had. 

Allam Neer - The Telangana Food Festival commenced with this welcome drink which was ginger flavoured and had a great taste. 
Loved it! 

Miryala Charu - Peppered Rasam Very soothing drink

Papad/Fried Beans Accompaniments 

These colourful Chutney's spread out on banana leaf don't only look beautiful but tasted amazing too.

Alasandalu Vada. This is one of the starter served in the Prarambh (beginning). These are deep fried dumplings of Black eyed beans and lentil. They tasted very good!

Punugulu - This was the other veg starter. These are green lentils deep fried dumplings. Do you know the farmers in the State of Telangana each more of lentils in the morning as this helps them sustain till their next meal which takes place in the evening. So basically every food that is made and served at that time has a particular reason. Interesting na! Got to know this from the Chef himself Chef Sankara who is a native of Telangana, the man behind the bringing the Telangana cuisine.

And here comes the Grand Thali which consists of the delicious Main Course.
The main course included - 

1. Kalai Koora - A Telangana mixed vegetable speciality.
2. Aloo Gadda Veedu - Deep fried potatoes tossed in onions and spices.
3. Perugu Pulusu - Curd tempered with onions, mustard and chilies.
4. Plava Charu - Mashed horse gram cooked with tomato gravy.
5. Kandhi Pappu - Lentils tossed in a tempering. 

For Annam there was- 

Appam and Paratha

Yummy Hot Payasam which was made with Jaggery, Sevaiyan, Chana Dal, Sabudana and Raisins. Very rich in taste.. Loved it!

Pandala Payasam - Chef Sankara's Special Dessert which was made in milk with mixed fruits. Tasted yum.
Apart from the above there was Brinji too, I forgot to take the picture of it. Brinji is mixed vegetables cooked with rice and whole spices on dum. 

Now I am a vegetarian, but there was so much more on offer for the non-vegetarians which included dishes in Chicken, Fish, Lamb and Prawns.

Fresh Lime Soda 
The Sumptuous meal ended with these gorgeous Paan 

I have eaten a Thali many times but this was something I relished the most. Not just the food was delicious but was served with so much love that it made it so special. 
Loved every bite of the food and every bit of the time spend at ITC Maratha. Loved the food, the hospitality and the service. 

ITC Maratha has become like home for me. The food is served with so much love, the staff so gentle and always smiling, they take care of all your needs so well and see to it your served well and taken care of. 

Tradition, Opulence, Beauty, Culture, Taste all packed in this one Grand Lunch at the ongoing Telangana Food Festival at Dakshin Coastal at ITC Maratha. 

Do go for it to experience it for yourself the grandeur at ITC Grand Maratha.

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