Saturday, September 26, 2015

Unique Tastes Of Maharashtra At Peshwa Pavilion, ITC Maratha

I had got an invitation from ITC Maratha to be a part of the festival held under the aegis of ‘Kitchens of India’, ‘Unique Tastes’ of Maharashtra to experience the exclusive culinary tasting session celebrating the indigenous flavours of Maharashtra from Vidarbha, Konkan and Kolhapur.

At Peshwa Pavilion they are introducing Maharashtrian fare in their menu both a la carte and buffet, to give their guests a feeling of eating light Home Style Cooked Food, specially keeping in mind their regular guests who travel frequently and stay at their hotel. Such frequent travellers, tend to miss their home cooked food which is simple, light, tasty and healthy with less oil and ghee. I'm sure the guests staying at ITC Maratha will now be lucky to get such healthy and tasty food at their disposal.
I think its a great initiative through which they will not only keep their travelling guests happy but also great for locals who want to taste authentic Maharashtrian food.

Let me share with you the details of my experience out there tasting the indigenous flavours of Maharashtra.

For welcome drinks there was  - Kokum Sharbat and Pineapple Juice.

Kokum Sharbat
Pineapple Juice

Onion Bhajiya for Starters

In Thali - 

There was Tur Dal chi aamti. 

In vegetables there was -
Batatyache Kalvan which is  Potatoes Simmered in spicy onion, tomato and red chilli curry.
Gavaari chi bhaaji which is flat beans cooked with peanut and chilli masala.
Bhindi ki bhaaji.

In Breads they Served - Bhakri made with Jowar and
Kombdi Vada Poori which are also called Rice Pooris.

In Rice, Masala Palak Bhaat, that is a kind of Biryani which is made with Indryani Rice Cooked With Vegetables And Masalas

Kombdi Vada Poori

In Desserts there was, Dudhi Cha Halwa - Bottle Gourd Cooked With Ghee, Cashewnut And Milk and Chandrakala.

Dudhi CHa Halwa


It was an amazing experience tasting authentic Maharashtrian Food!

The festival is on till 27th September held at Peshwa Pavilion, ITC Maratha.

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