Friday, August 21, 2015

What's In A Thali!

What's in a Thali?
You wanna know.....  then dive in and read further ;)

Lunch last Saturday was Thali at Samrat with my sweetest foodie partner - my Mum.

Mom suddenly surprised me in the morning with a sudden plan for lunch and I was super happy for three reasons -

1. Love eating out and love such impromptu plans of going out.
2. The word Thali got me excited, because I had not eaten one in past 6 months for sure, otherwise it would have been featured on Sav Food Diary ;)
3. I was having a day out with only Mom after many days, Mom is my besetst friend and I really cherish such times with her where I can let out my heart over things, chit chat, gossip and we bond big time over food ;)
We used to have plenty of such days at my fav place Coffee Bean at Inox, which is shut now ;(
I love Mom n Me time :)

So now since you know the reasons that made me so excited for this Thali cum Shopping outing, let's get back talking about Samrat Thali.

Samrat is a beautiful restaurant situated at Churchgate, famous for its Gujarati Thali and Mughlai food.
It's a place where I have been going to eat since I was a kid.
Love the food served out there. Have eaten umpteen number of times out there and have hardly been disappointed.

We normally go for their a la carte menu but on this visit, we opted for a Thali since that was the plan;)

In Thali, your served everything beginning from Buttermilk, Farsan, different kinds of Vegetables, Dal and Kadhi, Rice, Roti to Desserts and more accompaniments.
The best thing about indulging in a Thali is the kind of variety you get at one time but it can be so filling that even one-two bites of each item make you feel so full and heavy by the time your done with the entire course. So I have it rarely but when I do, I relish it completely :)

Here are some of the pictures of the items included in this delicious Thali and a brief description of the same.
Chaas or Buttermilk

Mango Chunda - Sweet and Spicy, Tangy and Tasty. One of the reasons I like going to Samrat ;) They serve this all year round.

Pickle, Chutney and Chunda - The three things that make food more interesting and balanced!

My favourite Gulab Jamun :)

Fruit Shrikhand - it included apple, pineapple and pomegranate.

Ghugrhra - It's a yummy Gujarati snack.
A crispy snack of Gawaar Ki Phalli.

White Dhokla and assorted snacks.

Puran Poli - This is my favourite. 

In the above picture are Dal and Undhiyu on the top and Kadhi and Dahi Bhalla down .
Gujarati Dal is sweet, so it was a nice break for me since we make really spicy Dal at home.
Undhiyu is a very famous mixed vegetable Gujarati dish, a speciality of Gujarat.
I love Kadhi and love the one you get in Samrat, its yum!

In the above picture are the three P's - Phulka, Papad and Puri.

Pick what you like! Dal, Rice, Khichdi, Pulao and Ghee. I chose Pulao :)
Apart from these, there were three kinds of delicious vegetables, I missed on taking an individual picture of those.

Overall it was a great experience, taste buds nourished, soul nourished and tummy over nourished, lol ;)

I had a blast clicking, a blast eating and a blast posting. Hope you enjoy reading it :)

I eat out a lot but I write on only something that excites me, for me the experience has to be really good that automatically pushes me to blog and be a part of my Food Diary.

Ciao for now until my next exciting meal, which I shall share with you :)

Happy Eating



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