Sunday, May 8, 2016

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ;)

My friend Monaz and me decide to go out for lunch. We selected Bombay Canteen.
This is our first visit to the place. We went there without reservation, so had to wait for half an hour as it was packed with prior reservations. 
Waiting was not an issue as the staff out there was very warm and they made us sit at the bar till we got our table. 
Well waiting had one advantage - we got to do our mini photo session, lol ;)

Monaz & Me

We settle at our table and have a look at the Menu.

Now the Menu was pretty interesting. They have used a different terminology to describe the categories, like for Starters they have used the word Chota and for Main Course, Bada. Interesting. But even more interesting were the dishes mentioned in the Menu, the items mentioned were not the regular kinds you get at restaurants all over but very different kind of stuff.

Monaz opted Chicken Kothu Roti while I opted for Veg. Kothu Roti since I am a vegetarian.
Now you must be wondering what it is right?

Veg Kothu Roti consisted of a Paratha broken into pieces, mixture of Pumpkin and Cauliflower, Cabbage Slaw, Salad, Sprouts, Onions, etc and was served with Coconut Curry on side. Quite a healthy option!

Chicken Kothu Roti was similar, except that it had shredded chicken pieces instead of cauliflower and was served with Fried Egg besides the Coconut Curry.

After lunch, we opted for a dessert, we were recommended St. Andrews Mess by Vikrant who was taking our order. The dessert was made with different variations of Mango, like Mango cubes, Aamras, etc. and of course the yummy cream :)

Drinks Menu Card

Menu Card

Veg Kothu Roti

Fried Egg is Served Along With Chicken Kothu Roti

Coconut Curry

A closer look inside ;)

Interesting Logo of BC

St. Andrews Mess

Desserts always brighten me up ;)

After lunch we headed to High Street Phoenix where we shopped a bit and then were feeling thirsty and tired so thought of having a drink at TGIF as it was the closest to the place we were shopping at.

Here Monaz opted for a Virgin Mojito while I opted for Pineapple Sunshine!

Since I was down with a little cold, I opted for the drink without ice, trust me it tasted good without the ice too!

TGIF Menu Card

Read the description for Strawberry Surprise ;)

Virgin Mojito

Pineapple Sunshine

And ended the fabulous fun filled day with a Le 15 cupcake.
We both took a Belgium Cupcake.
I normally don't like indulging in cupcakes but Le !5 ones make me crave for more ;)

Belgium Cupcake ;)

So that's how we girls go about spending a day, lunch at one place, drink at another and desserts again ;)

Had a fabulous time :)

On my way back Mommy dearest called up to get some Cottage Cheese from Punjab Sind Paneer, so I picked up a bottle of Mango Milk too ;)

Love Mangoes, can keep having them all day long!

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